"The second the shades are lowered, and you’re confronted with those huge jade-green eyes and heart-shaped Victorian heroine face, you can see in an instant why directors have been falling over themselves to cast her in fantasy fairy-tale roles."


100 Guys (in alphabetical order) - [17/100] - Colin Morgan

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143-144/200 pictures of Katie McGrath (first 100)

Merlin Cast Friendships - Colin&Katie

I don’t like him at all. I keep rotten tomatoes in my dressing room and wait for him to walk by so I can pelt him in the face [laughs]. Actually, in Season 4, I have the most scenes with Colin than I think I ever have, which is wonderful because, to be honest, he makes me a better actor. He is so bloody good at what he does that you can’t come in with an off-day with Colin. You know you have to hit the ground running. You know you have to be better than you are on your best day because no matter how good you are, he’s going to be even better than you are.” 


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